A very good investment!

When we visit Tesco for our weekly shop we always have a look at the 'Price reduced' shelf, but rarely buy anything as the reduction is generally minimal. You know the kind of thing - 'Was £2.70, now £2.64'.

Going out of the door a few weeks ago, however, I glanced at the bedding plant trollies and there, among the other rubbish, were two six-packs of pansies, shrivelled for lack of water as per usual, but looking salveagable. I expected to see 'Was £2.50, now £2.49', but to my surprise the reduced price was  . . . £0.01! I decided to buy both, but Mrs M warned me against such profligacy! I was determined, however, and handed over my 2p without a qualm. 

My Blip today is of both six-packs as they turned out! Not capable of controlling my spending? Ha!

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