CDs for how much?

Do you remember when CDs first came on to the market? I think I bought my first one, a recording of Carmen, in 1984. Do you remember how much they cost? They weren't cheap.

Yet in Loughborough today, on the bric a brac market, you could pick them up for 5p each. 25p each for the more popular ones. I admit I didn't comb through them so I don't know which were music ones, which were games, etc etc.

Did a couple of errands in town, then Basil and I went home by bus. The county council is debating whether to close the 129 bus route, which would be pretty awful for us. Must remind myself to lodge a complaint.

'Nipped,' if that is the word, to the pharmacist to collect meds and asked about pain management for the knee at night. She could only recommend codeine and prune juice to counteract the side effects. But I did learn that ibuprofen is contraindicated in my case because I have asthma. Ibuprofen can bring on asthma attacks.

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