A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Super sunny today.

I took lots of lovely flowers around the garden. The roses are just out in the front garden and the Pink Peony is on the point of opening. We've got a lovely white Foxglove too but sitting in the back garden this afternoon doing some sewing, I sought the partial shade of the Magnolia tree. Looking up this was my view of the sky. The clouds and contrails kept changing but this was my favourite. A lovely summer Sunday afternoon.

This morning I took several shots of the Starlings on the Flutter butter. I'd been complaining to Wendles56 about how they are clearing out a jar in a day. I spotted 4 in the front garden. Two adults and two youngsters (almost bigger than their parents.) It felt like the young ones were bullying the parents to feed them. They were going into the Flutter butter jar and coming our with a beak full and giving it straight to the young ones. They were so impatient they were landing on the adults backs as they were in the jar! Springwatch may say they are under threat but we've got plenty here in Harden!

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