In the Orkney Hills

Our bi-annual outing with the Holm representatives saw us starting our walk at Houton.  We walked up the Hill of Midland then across Scoradale to walk up Ward Hill.  After walking across to Midhill we went along the shoulder of South Rusky Hill and down to the Naversdale track.

Crossing the Germiston Road we walked round Kebro and Oback and followed a peat track to the top of Keelylang.  We then proceeded down Burrey Brae to the Lesliedale track.  On to the Old Finstown Road and past Haughhead and onto the track to the top of Wideford Hill.  We then went down the Muddiesdale Road and walked into Kirkwall Lucano’s for pizzas and steaks.  And beer.  After a dreamy fourteen miles, and back at base camp, it has to be the Linkwood (G &M).

I don’t think I’ll ever see the Orkney hills in such a dry condition again.  Very overcast conditions but good for the walking.

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