Scattered : thrown in various random directions

I know I look a bit miserable, but wouldn’t you if you were randomly thrown into a kitchen drawer with all manner of other utensils.  

I wouldn’t mind but I am a very proud whisk, known as Mrs. Whisker, built to stand on my own two feet, perhaps on a windowsill or a worktop, but oh no, that Mrs. HCB just throws me into her messy kitchen drawer with lots of other stuff, including wooden spatulas with great big eyes that watch my every move.

And then there is that thing with notches round its head and feet - she’s always using that - having watched her just lately, I think she’s getting a bit weak in the wrists, so when she can’t open a jar, out comes Mr. Notchy and the job’s done.

I think that Mr. Pizza Slicer - otherwise known as Mr. Pièce - needs to watch himself too - he is always making cutting remarks and sometimes it hurts - and of course, once said, those nasty and hurtful things cannot be taken back.

Miss Slicer is another one who often makes remarks that are less than kind - she can cut through apples like you wouldn’t believe, but I think she is jealous because often Mrs. HCB doesn’t bother to get her out but uses one of the sharp knives instead.  I do understand how she feels, because what’s the point of buying an apple slicer if you’re not going to use it?

I know I’m only small, but I’m beautifully made and none of the others could whip up cream and eggs like I can.  If only we would all realise that we have different gifts and when used properly, we can complement each other.

For instance, I may not be as polished as the bottle opener and corkscrew - Mrs. B.O. for short - but again, that doesn’t mean I can’t perform well - and actually, thinking about it, you couldn’t use her for whisking eggs and cream - so she wouldn’t be much use if you fancied scrambled eggs for your lunch.  But then again, I couldn't open a bottle of beer or wine!

Master Cheese Grater - quite a new addition to the messy drawer - doesn’t do a bad job, but I have noticed that when the piece of cheese gets quite small, sometimes fingers can get grated too!  Not a pretty sight, believe me.

I did feel sorry when Mr. T.I.N. Opener, the electric one, went wrong and Mr. HCB bought a new manual one - sometimes a bit of manual work does us good and if we are thinking of saving the planet, perhaps we should dispense with more of our electrical gadgets.

Mr. Stringer sits in the corner and keeps hoping that Mrs. HCB will use more of him when she is tying up joints of meat for roasting.  However, these days, especially as I hear Mr. HCB is a good gardener, all they seem to eat is salads, but I suppose that might change come the winter.

I suppose I should be grateful that I am nudging shoulders with lots of other useful utensils - after all, if I was stuck on a windowsill on my own, it could be a bit lonely.

I think what I’m trying to say in all this is that we each have our own job that we do well and if we were asked to do someone else’s job, we would struggle and perhaps even fail.

Now ain’t that just like life?

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