Seven Go Off to Camp

Off to France today! 
Just us and Toothless and Monkey!!
We got down to Folkestone in good time, checked in on time for the train we were booked on, just had time to dash into the terminal to buy some GB stickers and some breathalysers and then the board said it was time to proceed.
Proceed to the roasting hot carpark holding area where you can sit for hours in the roasting heat and watch boards that say your train is boarding as normal despite the expected departure time being over an hour ago. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!
It was hot and annoying!
Miss E was particularly hot and annoying!!
And Archie looked like he was taking part in an RSPCA advert letting us know that dogs die in hot cars. Ironic as we were with him.
Eventually we got on board and were able to get out of the roasting van. Archie lay down on the cool floor and Miss L and I spent almost the entire crossing walking to the end of the train to the toilet. 
Obviously she didn't need it when we were anywhere near a toilet that didn't involve pushing a button, waiting two seconds, then pushing open two super heavy carriage doors. Twelve times!!!
Once we got back from our expedition France appeared outside the window and we were soon zooming our way down the A16 towards Les Andelys and Richard the Lionheart's castle.
We stopped at our favourite services on the way. A quick toilet and coffee stop which turned into a very long stop for pizza and a play in the playground.
Then it was back onto the motorway towards Rouen.
All went well until I suggested we turn off and go cross country rather than negotiating the Rouen ring road which we hate!
The detour did not go well. There may have been shouting.
Eventually - with the use of our tatty French road atlas, Google Maps, Apple maps and our eyes (to look at road signs, Mr K, just saying.......) we got to Les Andelys and our home for the next couple of days.
We're staying at a lovely campsite on an island in the Seine - L'Île des Trois Rois.
Unexpectedly my mum and dad were there when we arrived. Finally at 8pm!!! I thought they were at Giverny tonight so it was a nice surprise.
Less nice were the black clouds which started massing as soon as we parked up.
Before too long the rain started and the most amazing lightning. On the one hand it was spectacular, on the other it was proper annoying. Not being able to set up properly, everything getting soaked, Little Misses being afraid  to sleep up in the roof because of the lightning, stuff strewn everywhere in wet chaotic heaps and general bluugghhhness!
The Little Misses slept on our bed, I made up a bed in the tent and Mr K settled down for a comfy night in the passenger's seat. 
See extras for the Little Misses and Archie making the most of booting me and Daddy out of bed.

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