The order of the day was largely dictated by the need to replace the spare tyre on the car! MrM left the car at the garage at 9.00am, only to receive a call a little while later informing him that it was irreparable, and they would have a new tyre in by 2.00pm. So he fetched the car and we drove in to Berwick with Vanessa so she could catch her train back to Birmingham. Not enough time for a walk around the town walls as planned, but we did go to the Green Shop, and enjoyed coffee and pastries at the patisserie. Then MrM drove to the station and we waved Vanessa off.

Back home for a quick lunch, then back to the garage. I went with MrM and, while we waited for the new tyre to be fitted, we walked by the river to the garden centre. Stopped for a while on the bridge to watch Mrs Mallard and her family (extra), and on the river bank to take a couple of shots of the heron.

New tyre fitted (the 4th in as many weeks...) and paid for, we drove home and back to normality, such as it is!

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