By Mindseye

Windy Arbour

Another beautiful day, a nice breeze, keeping the temperature around 22degrees, just perfect!

Another decent nights sleep, up and dressed in shorts and tees again, breakfast with the doors wide open, listening to our friendly blackbird "doing his nut" with his now usual tweeting, presumably a cat nearby!

We walked into town, hubs back stood up pretty well, got the things we needed, then calle din the Cafe for coffee and later, lunch, whilst hub read his paper, I browsed OK magazine ;-)

We took a quick ride out after we got home, to post a birthday card before coming back, getting changed for a couple of hours in the garden.

Hub needed a hand making a framework and fastening netting to it, to protect our black, red and white currants, which are now beginning to ripen. If we dont stop the birds, especially blackbirds, they will literally demolish the lot in a matter hours!!! We have done a pretty good job so hopefully we will have some currants in a few days ;-)

I spent a good while sat on the patio floor with my camera, inbetween jobs, trying to capture the rose petals from our climbing rose, as they were "scattered" by the breeze, for todays Mono Monday challenge. Big thanks to Laurie54 for hosting :-)

We have had a salad with some spicy belly pork for dinner, followed by some strawberries from the garden, with some chocolate mousse.

Now that the baskets and containers have all been watered, and my blip is uploaded, we have a couple of things to catch up with on tv.

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