Show stopper

The first years of my life my parents and I lived with my maternal grandparents (one of the reasons was there weren't enough houses left in Rotterdam after the bombardments of Rotterdam in WWII). My maternal grandfather was a merchant navy captain and he had brought this glass with silver overlay vanity set for my grandmother as a souvenir from one of the ports he had been to. When I was a little girl I probably was seeing it from this angle when itching to touch it, the set had three pieces, a flatter bowl with lid, this bottle shape with stopper and a perfume bottle with a rubber dispenser with a tassle. That one has not survived the years, travels and moves, but the other two are still with me, as I was the lucky recipient of these years ago. There are chips and cracks in the glass and the silver is disappearing in parts, but it is still a priceless keepsake, a memory of my childhood. See the whole bottle in the extra, taken on the garden table with reflective glass table top. For TinyTuesday with thanks to jensphotos for hosting this month.

Thanks very much for your kind comments and stars on my mono meal Blip yesterday :-)

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