“I’ve done all that you said -
     I’ve learned to fly 
          and have been in some
               very high trees
but it’s really hard
     for me to find food
          and I haven’t got the faintest idea
               how to feed myself because
you’ve always been there
     to do it for me!

Today you flew off into
     this lovely garden where
          Mr. and Mrs. HCB leave out
               plenty of food - 
I watched you
     but I don’t know how
          to get it out of those 
               meshy things - in fact,
I’m frightened to even get on there
     in case I can’t hold on and fall off.
          Please come and help me, Mum
               I can’t do it on my own!”

“You always were impatient - 
     even when you were in the nest
          you used to push the others out
               of the way until you were at the front
and got the pickings of all the
     lovely bugs and caterpillars
          that your Dad and I found
               and brought to feed you all.

Well little Master Blue Tit 
     it’s time you learned
          to feed yourself.
I’ve done my best and
     you need to step up - 
          or fly up -
get yourself in the right
     position, hang on 
          and peck and peck and peck -
you’ll find it’s really easy 
     when you get the hang of it
          and I know you can do it - 
               you’ve watched me often enough!
Once upon a time you thought
     you couldn’t fly, 
          but just look at you now -
so come on - 
     it really is time 
          to fend for yourself
               and remember…..
I’m here if you need me.

I’ve done my bit - 
     now you need
          to do yours -
and I’ve got eight others
     at home waiting for me
          to teach them how to 
               fend for themselves!”

© Maureen Iles 13/6/18

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