Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

In The Room

I'm home. Zorsted.
At tea this afternoon - during which we often always watch TV - I watched the show we were watching and never saw the thing on the wall behind the TV. After we turned off the TV and The Husband went into the kitchen to wash the accumulated dishes in the sink - which, bless him, he often does because he likes the hot water on his hands - except after dinner, when it's my job - I looked to my left and saw AN ELEPHANT on the wall. I called out to him "can you believe I just now saw the elephant?" and he said "in the room?" HAHAHAHA! He evidently found it behind a fraternity house at the University of Virginia. It required a bit of gluing back together, but it is absolutely brilliant, if you ask me. Who wouldn't want an elephant in the room?

Meanwhile, on the iPhone saga scene - I bespoke the manager of the rest stop in question this morning before I left my motel in Pennsylvania. He did have the phone, and we agreed that he would try to see if sending something COD - which would mean I pay for it when it gets here - is still a doable thing with the post office. He also gave me his home address so that if he has to pay to mail it, I will reimburse him. Then this afternoon I checked the "find my phone" thing again and found that it had moved from the rest stop to an address in Willington CT. An address that turns out to be - among other things - a post office! Yay! My fingers will remain firmly crossed until I have it back in my hands, but I am hopeful. Also - as I have his name and address - I will be sending him a gift card of some sort (like for Walmart, or whatever) to thank him for his efforts on my behalf. But not, until I HAVE my phone in my hot little hands.

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