Crazy About Birds

By Kimb


So this: I was standing outside taking a photo of the reflection in the window in the door - the one I usually take bird photos through from the inside. In the reflection is a reflection of the porch and the lawn/trees beyond it; and of me; and then also a view of the kitchen window all the way through the house on the other side of the inside. And then fartnarkling happened with Topaz Textures or some such thing. I am hampered by not having my iPhone on which I usually use apps to make weird things happen with photos. Speaking of the iPhone, it has been reporting in all day. I watched it travel south from Connecticut through New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and into Virginia. It is now somewhere near Richmond - I hope and presume at the distribution center there where the mail for Charlottesville and surrounding areas is sorted for delivery on the next day. Due to some cutbacks a number of years ago we no longer have a post office distribution center here in Charlottesville, so all our mail - even if it's being sent from one address in C'ville to another address in C'ville - goes to Richmond first. Crazy, but there it is. Anyhoo - I am hoping - fingers crossed - I'll get my phone back tomorrow!

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