Crazy About Birds

By Kimb


Our smaller dog, Bugsy, is very alert to the possibility of bears and feels it is his job to chase them away. Our larger dog, Swee'pea, is terrified of bears. The little one is constantly being "the dog who barked 'bear!!'" to the point where we basically don't believe him anymore. But! Something about his tone this afternoon made me go and look. Oh my! Grab the camera!! Fortunately the bear wasn't of a mind to attack the dog, and the dog came right straight into the house after pointing it out to us and scaring it away. Swee'pea, meanwhile, cowered hid inside as soon as she realized what it was.

I have been very sparing with my birdseed this spring so far, but I guess our place still must smell promising...

In the main shot he's standing in the driveway below a rock retaining wall. In the extras, crossing the front yard and then moseying down the driveway and away. Looks a bit mangy.

Edit - Yesterday's blip was the result of someone having evidently put soap in the fountain on Charlottesville's Downtown Mall. A prank? In any case - it formed those oblong shapes - which was even weirder than just the foamy stuff all by itself.

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