Our mission today was to circumnavigate Uig Sands. Mr hazelh and I followed the bay from the house down to Crowlista (keeping well clear of the terns), along the shoreline to Carnish, up the course of the red river, beside the dunes past the red rocks all the way to beneath Uig Lodge, with a paddle along the River Fhorsa back to the house again. Along the way we saw two juvenile golden eagles, stopped off to sunbathe and read in a couple of coves, and watched the races at the local primary school's summer sports day on the beach. My blip shows a pile of shells washed up on the shore.

By the time we returned to the house it was well past lunch time. Nevertheless, lunch was called for - in the form of Mars bar ice creams from the community shop. On the way to the shop I photographed some of the deer (extra) that have been driven closer and closer to the shore in search for vegetation. It's a pity that we haven't seen them on the beach this year (as we have in the past), and it looks unlikely that we will do so before we leave for Harris in the morning.

Exercise today: walking (21,226 steps)

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