Please shut the gate, enjoy the day thanks

After waving walkingMarj, off to further adventures in Harris and St Kilda this morning, Ridgeback13, Mr hazelh and I set off to explore the red rock formations on the far side of Uig Bay. We then walked out to the Carnish peninsula (blipped) to hunt for perfect, round, striped stones worthy of transport back to Edinburgh and Ridgeback13’s office.

After Ridgeback13 left us (in good time for the 3pm ferry back to Ullapool, then onwards to Edinburgh), our host suggested Sunday lunch out at the Edge restaurant. This was a good plan: the beetroot quiche with salad was excellent.

For much of the evening it looked like we were down to just three for dinner (me, Mr hazelh and John) – until the French guests turned up at the table over an hour late! Still, we all enjoyed pea soup, roast beef, cranachan (possibly the best that I have ever tasted), and cheese and biscuits.

The final entertainment of the day after dinner was watching the Formula 1 race that had been recorded earlier in the evening. I have discovered that this ‘sport’ is more interesting with a fast forward button, rather than viewed live.

Exercise today: walking (16,209 steps)

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