Evening light on the leaves

Once I got going this morning, a non-stop day!

Domestic stuff, then coffee and a chat with Fiona while Paul discussed guitars with Paul. They're in the area for a couple of days' holiday with their gorgeous collie. Put the first coat of primer/undercoat on the wood for the top of the walls in the 'Music room', did an on-line supermarket shop, tackled some admin., put second coat of undercoat on to the wood, went for one of MrM's squirrel-spotting trips a short walk in Happy Valley, and watered the plants in the courtyard.

Finally slumped in front of the TV at 10.30pm, to watch the last episode of 'Unforgotten', Series 1, on catch up. Shattered!

Took only a couple of photos in Happy Valley this evening; the light was fading by the time we arrived and it was quite dark under the canopy. The track through the wood was covered with leaves and seeds ripped from the trees by yesterday's high wind, and a few branches had been blown down, but we didn't spot any fallen trees. The ground-cover has changed hugely since we were last there, almost 3 weeks ago. Almost all the other vegetation is now hidden under a dense layer of nettles and bracken. A few pink campion by the track.

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