After a boring day yesterday I decided to make the effort and go out somewhere today.  I chose Sunderland.  I had to post a letter before 11.30am so I walked down to the village and did that.  Then I got the bus to Gateshead and the Metro to Sunderland. 

The weather was dull and chilly and then it rained but I was in and out of shops so I didn't get too wet.  I got a few things in charity shops and a pair of trousers in an outlet shop.  Got the Metro back to Gateshead and popped into Tesco for food shopping.  By this time it was raining heavily.

I took quite a few photos when I was out so I guess you are wondering why you can see a mouldy satsuma instead of a nice photo of Sunderland.  Well when I put my memory card in to the computer to upload my photos I got a message to say the memory card was empty.  My photos had disappeared.  No idea why.  Its never happened before.

So I had to get this mouldy satsuma out of the bin to make it todays emergency blip. Silly eh.  I bought a pack of  6 satsumas in Morrisons on Wednesday.  The fruit bowl was full so as usual I put the " overflow " in the garage where its nice and cool.  Today I needed the satsumas from the garage and thats when I found that one of them was mouldy.  The other 5 were perfect.  Nice and firm and nothing wrong with them at all.  Even this mouldy one was really firm.  Strange.  Anyway I put it in the bin  -----  but it came out again to be blipped. I am tagging for Silly Saturday. Thanks admirer for hosting.

Steps today - 13,801

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