Spent the day at home today.  Colin brought a bag of dirty clothes back yesterday so I washed them all.  Weather was nice for a while so I hung them out and got everything dry.  Then it was ironing - and mending. Buttons needed sewing on and hems needed anchoring.

My blip shot shows  a Common Vetch flower which I found in the back lane.  As you can see it was very sunny at the time I took the photo but later on it started raining. .

Colin phoned Lucy to ask for help in completing his disability benefits form and she said it might be a good idea if he went and stayed with her so she could help him properly. Her grandchildren often stay with her but they aren't coming this week so it was a good week for him to visit as there would be a spare bedroom.   So Lucy's husband is coming  here tomorrow to collect Colin and take him to Derbyshire.  He will come back here on Friday. So we have been sorting out stuff that Colin needs to take with him.

Even though its nice to have Colin around I can't pretend its easy.  I'm so used to being on my own and have my own routine.  And its becoming increasingly obvious that he needs help to look after himself.  His vision is poor - blind in one eye since childhood and the other eye has blind spots.   His hearing is also poor possibly due to the fact he suffers from tinnitus. Due to his Asperger's he focuses on things which are unnecessary and ignores things which are important. ( and he drinks too much in my opinion ) But he's good company, knows most of the answers when we watch TV quiz shows and he did cook me a lovely meal this evening - salmon cooked in his sous vide machine. 

Musical link  ... He Ain't Heavy He's My BROTHER  by The Hollies.

As its Fathers Day today I wanted to post a photo of my Dad Ernie. He passed away in 1995 aged 71.  In my Extras you can see a photo of my Dad with Colin at Butlins, Filey in 1977 together with a photo of me and Colin.

Apologies for lack of comments - can't seem to catch up and every day that goes by I get more behind. 

Steps today - 5,417

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