Never found yesterdays missing photos but at least today's made it from memory card on to my computer.  Here are a couple of collared doves.  I get a few pairs coming into my garden.  Such lovely birds.

As its Fathers Day I have put a photo of my Dad Ernie in my Extras.  He passed away in 1995. Its one of the few photos where he and I are together. Its in terrible condition but ever so precious . The photo must have been taken in 1952.  My Dad would have been 29 years old.  I'm not looking at the camera - and I can safely say that in most of the photos I have of me as a child ( there aren't many ) I'm not looking at the camera.  Hated having my photo taken.

I had an unexpected chore today.  I was in my bedroom changing my bedding and I happened to notice a cat wee stain at the bottom of a book case.  So I got some cleaning materials to sort that out.  What I discovered was a bigger problem.  The red wool rug near the book case smelled of cat wee.  It wasn't wet so the deed must have been done some time ago.  I lifted the rug up to find that underneath it had started to disintegrate.  The rug is red and the red backing had turned to a powdery mess which was left on the painted wood floor when I lifted the rug up.  So I rolled the rug up and put it straight in the bin and started cleaning the floor.  It wasn't easy as the red powdery stuff just smeared everywhere.  It took ages.  Then I had to move a large wicker trunk which was nearby to see if any wee had gone under there.  Don't think it had but I had a good clean up of the floor and trunk anyway.  Finally got the bedding changed. 

So Lily continues to be a problem.  I have a few things in place to help manage the situation.  eg - I discoveed that she doesn't like to do her wees in cat litter in a littler tray so I have some litter trays lined with paper towels which she is fine with.  I do check in certain places for wee - places she has " gone " before.  But basically she could be doing it anywhere and everywhere and I have no control of the situation.

Apart from the above chores I have done the hoovering and a load of washing. 

The weather today has been dull.

Steps today - 6,332

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