Mono Monday - Square

The Mono Monday theme today as set by laurie54 is Square.  Well the most important square in my life on Mondays is this glass square - my bathroom scales.  I actually weigh myself every day but on Mondays its especially important as Monday is weigh in day at my Slimming World Group.  When I weighed myself this morning I found I had lost 4 pounds since last Monday.  However it wasn't enough to take me back into my target range so I will give myself another week before going back to be weighed at group.

I went to Fitness Class as usual this afternoon and then I did a bit of shopping in Tesco.  Back home to tackle a mountain of washing up. The rest of the afternoon seemed to go nowhere and looking back I have no idea what I did which took up the time. 

A new computer mouse arrived this morning as my old one just wasn't doing what I wanted it to.  The new one is great and I now realise just how bad my old one was.  I wish I hadn't struggled on with it as long as I did.

I settled down to eat my tea at 7pm ready to watch the England match.  England had a good start and scored the first goal.  Then they gave away a penalty.  1- 1.  England have just sneaked another goal in Extra time.  Hooray. A win in their first game.

Steps today - 10,393

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