Had a quiet day today.  Just lazed around doing nothing much.  Around 3pm I got the bus to Aldi. 

When I was at the bus stop near my house I was joined by around 7 or 8 pupils from the local comprehensive school. They started talking about the " shit " they had taken over the weekend.  I realised that " shit" meant pills. Drugs.  Apparently they buy them for £1 or £4 from someone who gets them on the " Dark Web".  Is this typical of teenagers today I wonder?  Incredible.   

When I got home I sat outside in the garden and ate an ice cream.  Weather has been nice again today - warm and sunny and no wind.

Colin phoned this evening.  He's OK. 

When I went upstairs this evening I spotted this lovely sky -  photo was taken through the bedroom window.  I thought the sun looked rather like a spaceship.  I didn't need to do any processing.

Musical link Waterloo SUNSET by The Kinks.

Steps today - 7,388

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