Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Had to get up early ( for me ) to join in with a Zoom fitness class organised by the instructor who runs the Monday classes I used to go to before " lockdown ".  This was the first session she has done online. It started at 10.45am and lasted 45 mins. There were 10 of us who joined in.  I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would as it wasn't like the Monday class - most of the exercises were to do with balance and stretching.  I prefer to move around more and be a bit more energetic..  So I might not join in next week and just continue to do my own workout based on the Monday class.

I pottered around for a bit and watched some TV while waiting for Neil to arrive at 2pm.  After being furloughed he returned to work on Monday but he had a day off today so we decided to go for a walk together.  It was wonderful when he arrived and I could let him into my house and give him a big hug.... this " support bubble " is a great idea for people living alone like me.  We had a bit of a chat and Neil was able to have a fuss with Tino.  Both of them have missed that.

Around 2.15pm we set off for our walk.  The weather was dull but warm and humid.  I had a bit of an idea of the route but we decided to play it by ear a bit and just see where we ended up.  We were sort of heading for The Derwent Walk. Its a lovely area with forests and a long straight path along the route of an old railway line near the River Derwent.

We headed down a track near the golf club and followed some signs until we came across a farm.  I was pleased to see lots of derelict farm machinery and bits and bobs - see collage in Extras.  Neil was totally bemused as to why I was taking photos of junk.  We spotted a lovely friendly horse too - see Extra shot. As we walked through the farmyard we weren't totally sure which path to take so someone who was working there told us where each path went to.  One went to The Derwent Walk and the other to Hollinside Manor.  As I had never been to Hollinside I thought it was a good opportunity to see it. Hollinside is a ruined fortified manor house once owned by the Bowes - Lyon family. It dates from the 13th century.  My blip shots ( and a couple of Extras ) were taken there. Its on high ground and the views around it are wonderful - you can  see across to Gibside in the distance. Even though Hollinside is in the middle of nowhere and not easy to get to we didn't have the place to ourselves.  There was a lady with 3 children and another lady with a dog. 

Then we tried to find our way to The Derwent walk.  Neil ran on ahead and checked out different ways and when he had found the correct route we walked on together.  The terrain wasn't easy.  It was downhill all the way and very  steep at times and then there were some high stiles and lots of steps .... so many steps.  My poor knees were protesting.  But after going down and down we finally reached the path. ( See Extra )  That was very busy with lots of walkers and cyclists.  We walked along on the flat for a while before we had to climb back up towards home. That was tough. Sometimes I wish I didn't live on a hill. 

I was exhausted when we reached home - and was surprised to see that we had been out for 3 hours - without even sitting down for a rest.  We were lucky with the weather as it was fine all the way until around 10 mins  from my house when the rain started.

Instead of walking home Neil messaged Rachael to come and collect him - so I saw her for a few mins too.

All in all a lovely day ... or a  " Royal Day " as my Grandad would have said.

Neil being Neil has been running this evening  - and he did a run this morning too. He never stops.  Hopefully we can meet up for a walk next week on his day off.

Musical link THE BUBBLE - by Status Quo

Steps today - 17,067

CORONA CLASSIC  -  Italian Capriccio by Tchaikovsky. 

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