Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Morrisons this morning for the big shop.  It was raining heavily so when I got home  I decided to stay indoors and do some chores.  Instead I fell asleep on the sofa for a while.

When I woke up the weather was lovely - dry and VERY sunny.  So I decided  to go to The Sage, Gateshead to pick up a couple of tickets which I had bought online.

Bit of an incident on the bus.  A woman got on with 3 young children.  She sat at the front of the bus and the children .... didn't sit down anywhere.  They kept moving seats and running up and down the aisle of the moving bus.  The driver asked them to sit down.  They didn't.  The mother wasn't interested in what they were doing.  As she was getting off the bus the driver told her that she should have made her kids sit down as it wasn't safe for them to be running around on a moving bus as if the bus had braked suddenly they could have been injured and the driver would be blamed.  All very true and reasonable.  Not to the mother.  She " kicked off " big time.  Said she was on crutches - which she was - and for this reason couldn't sort her kids out!.  The driver quite rightly said that this shouldn't have been a factor. The kids should have been told to sit still by their mother and she should have made sure they were safe.  The mother got more and more annoyed.  When she finally got off the bus she said she would " take this further " and report the driver.  Good luck with that pet.

I got off the bus near the Tyne Bridge and walked down to the river.  I took some photos of the kittiwakes which are nesting underneath the bridge at the moment.  See a collage in my Extras.

As I was walking I could see and hear a helicopter, 2 fire engines, two ambulances and numerous police cars.  They were heading over the bridge to Newcastle.  When I got near the river I could see all the emergency vehicles  crowded together on the Newcastle Quayside.  I feared the worst --- someone in the water.  I passed a drunk on a bench and he informed me that someone had just been pulled out.   I found out later that a man had fallen into the river from the Redheugh Bridge and had been rescued but that he had died from his injuries later in hospital. Very sad.

After picking up my tickets I stayed in The Sage for a while.  Bought a cold drink and sat in the cafe.

Then I wandered down to the Quayside where I took loads of photos.  The Wide Wednesday challenge today is " water/sea/river/lake " so I was in the right place for a watery blip.  My shot shows the Millennium ( or Blinking Eye ) Bridge. Thanks to Freyjad for hosting.

For my musical link I chose THE WATER OF TYNE. The video accompanying the song is really good - please take a look.

No word from Colin so I assume he's fine.

Steps today - 8,523

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