Its been a good day.  The weather has been gorgeous  - dry, hot and sunny.  Just perfect.  Not for Tino and Lily though - they have been trying to keep cool.

I walked down to the village and got the bus to Swalwell and walked to Shibdon Pond near Blaydon.  Always love going there.  I took some special food - it floats on the water instead of sinking.  I was throwing it on the pond when a couple of children asked if they should throw some.  So we had fun feeding the ducks, ducklings - and one solitary swan.  We were joined by a disabled little boy - I placed some food in his chubby little hand so he could throw it.  Turned out that the older children were there with their grandparents - and the little boy was a foster child of the grandparents.  He had lived with him since he was 7 weeks old. He will stay with them permanently and not be adopted. Over the years they have fostered loads of children. As you can tell I had a long chat with them - lovely couple.

I took loads of photos - so difficult to choose just one to blip.  Chose this one of one of the fluffy ducklings.  Others are in my Extras.

Walked back to Swalwell - it was hard going as it was so hot.  Went to Lidl - lovely and cool in there. Then the bus to the Metrocentre to catch another bus home.

Got home around 5pm and it was still hot so I sat outside on the bench with the cats close by.  Had an ice lolly.

Watching " The Voice - Kids " ....... so much talent.

Steps today - 11,440

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