Speedwell (veronica)

Mr hazelh and I took to the hills this morning for a walk up Ben Tongue and Watch Hill. Going up was fine. Coming down again was trickier as we struggled to find the path to Coldbackie, keenly aware that a risk of wandering off piste would be to tumble over a cliff. Happily we reached sea level without injury.

The highlight of the walk was sighting another eagle. We were also grateful that the ferocious dogs described in our guide book were not at home at the start of our walk.

We made two stops on our way back to the car after our descent from the hills. The first was at Coldbackie beach. Here we lay on the sands for a while, watching the waves. Once again we had a whole beach to ourselves :-) Then we called in at the Weaver's Café for tea and scones.

We ate in the bar of the Tongue Hotel this evening. This was a return visit for me: my family last stayed in this hotel on a fishing holiday in 1975!

My blip is of some speedwell that was growing in the sand dunes on the beach.

Exercise today: walking (16,466 steps recorded - forgot to wear my Garmin this evening)

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