Golden-ringed dragonfly (Cordulegaster boltonii)

At the start of today's 11-mile trek along the Kinloch River to Loch an Dherue and back Mr hazelh and I felt as though we had been transported live into a nature video on dragon/damsel/butterflies.

We watched the blipped dragonfly sweep down and capture a fly, then land on the blade of grass and munch on its prey. I think that's the very end of the fly that can be seen in the dragonfly's mouth. I'd be grateful if a blipper more knowledgeable than I could confirm whether or not this is a hawker dragonfly. One of the Sutherland rangers has told us that this is a female golden-ringed dragon fly.

We didn't see a single soul along the whole route in the 5 hours that we were out - just insects, birds, frogs, fish (rising), and evidence of deer. We guessed that everyone else must have been up the two Munros to the east (Ben Loyal) and west (Ben Hope) of us, although we couldn't see anyone up there through our binoculars.

We're now looking forward to supper in the other Tongue hotel, and planning tomorrow's walk.

Exercise today: walking (29,073 steps)

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