By hazelh

Phrenology inkwell

I first came across the 'science' of phrenology when I was a teenager studying Le Père Goriot by Balzac for A level. Almost forty years later I am delighted to be the proud owner of my very own phrenological head in the form of this antique inkwell. This is the purchase that I made at the vintage shop in Rodel on the Isle of Harris on 5th June. It now looks great on a shelf in my study. I don't think that I will be using it as an inkwell, however.

This week is a busy one for conferences in my subject area, so today I have been keeping my eye on Twitter feeds, principally from Glasgow and Ljubljana. There was a little flurry of tweets directed at me first thing this morning when the opening keynote speaker at the Glasgow conference displayed a photograph of me in his presentation slides. I might not have been in the auditorium in person, but I am glad that my presence was felt there nonetheless :-)

Mr hazelh and I are making a wee trip to France the day after tomorrow. This means that much of today was dedicated to 'turnaround' tasks. Our holiday washing was a significant one of these. I have also started my packing - for temperatures that are somewhat warmer than here.

The  day after we come back from France I am hosting our next book group meeting. This evening I started the preparations for this. A very calorific pudding is currently setting in the freezer.

Exercise today: none apart from a walk to the library to collect the next book group book (Ghachar Chochar by Vivek Shanbhag).

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