Ben Loyal & Ben Hope, from Kyle of Tongue causeway

Today Mr hazelh and I climbed the mountain on the right of this picture. Ben Hope was a real slog, though not due to the terrain, but because it was so windy. The gusts were so violent that I was knocked off my feet half a dozen times. Even Mr hazelh couldn't stay upright.

If you check my first extra, which pictures Mr hazelh on the descent, you can see the way in which the wind is buffeting his anorak, and the bent grass. We took extreme care not to wander too close to the edge at any point during our walk! The second extra shows the effect of the wind on a waterfall. It's sending the stream back up the rock, creating a pretty rainbow at the same time.

The huge effort of the walk isn't really reflected in my step count because the distance covered was only 5 miles (i.e. less than my usual walk to work and back). However the record of my heart rate and 'intensity minutes' on my Garmin tells a different story!

Exercise today: walking (11,674 steps)

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