Before bathrooms

This washstand was made by my great uncle, who was a cabinet maker. I never knew him, as he died before I was born, but he was obviously a highly skilled craftsman. In the 1911 census he was at home with his sister, my grandmother, and was an apprentice cabinet maker, so it must have been made around the 1920/30s, after he returned from serving in the First World War. A few of his pieces were given to me by my grandmother, including this. It has travelled with us from house to house over the years and it is now in the guest bedroom. Don't worry visitors don't have to use it - there is an ensuite bathroom! 

It is in remarkable condition, when I think of how many times if has been moved from room to room, house to house. Sadly however, the marble top has suffered. You may be able to see a chip in the front and there is a crack and another hole. We are now considering how to get it fixed and whether it would cost too much to have it done.

It's my blip today because I am having a major organise of books around the house and I have found a space for some more bookshelves, but it meant moving this washstand - not easy, but it's done. And it has been dusted! I'm just now wondering about cleaning the handles, but don't know what to use to clean them with.

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