No time for a run this morning as today was school sports day.  Having done a few chores I raced down the road, only to find it had already started!  I was glad I had stuck a jacket in my bag, as it was chilly.   BB did well, in fact he did very well.  He won all bar one of his sports day races and he was crowned overall boys sports champion for his sports day efforts, but also for his sporting prowess throughout the year.  He was delighted!!

I raced to the shops for a few things for lunch and made it home just before BB.  The afternoon was spent getting prepared for a  weekend away.  We were due to pick TT up from the train, except it was cancelled.  He ended up getting a bus to near the train station, so we picked him up from there, and headed north to our destination for the weekend where we met up with friends old and new most of whom we hadn’t seen for over a year.  We had a lovely meal and ended the evening with a rather difficult quiz. We three were in different teams, but my team came a very respectable second.

Here is the boys sports champion 2017-18.  

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