I was looking around for something square, and found this little box, which contained the scissors and case shown on the top.

As I had used the scissors only a few days ago, the box was still out on the worktop, so I decided to photograph not only the box but the scissors too, as there is a story behind them.

They were sent to me for my birthday in 2016 by Sue, a very old friend, as in a “long-time” friend;  she came to Swindon in about 1972 and Mr. HCB and I befriended her - she had moved down from the North East and was working at the local college teaching hairdressing, but knew no-one here, apart from those she worked with.  She attended the drama group at our Church, where I was also a member, and we all (Mr. HCB too) became firm friends and in fact, she is Godmother to our younger son, Jules.

She moved back north after some years, but we have stayed in touch all this time and when we meet, which isn’t often, it’s as if we have never been apart.  Now that’s friendship!

She married not long after she moved back and she and her husband go abroad quite often, and in fact, I had forgotten, but reading the letter that was in with the scissors, she bought these in a little shop in Paphos, Cyprus, when they were there on holiday in October 2016.  Sue and her husband, Robin, are keen birdwatchers, which I have no doubt drew her attention to these scissors - I wonder if she bought herself a pair?  The case for the scissors was made by Sue, after she attended a Beading workshop and is really beautiful.  I will put a colour copy in as an extra.

Sue and I have laughed, cried and been silly together.  We have had hysterics when trying on clothes in Marks & Spencer - and nearly got thrown out of a gym once when I visited, but that’s another story!  We have been through hardships, traumas, fun times, emotional, heart wrenching and wonderful times and through them all, our friendship has remained firm and strong.  Since I bought my new fountain pen, we have started writing to each other again, as we used to do before emails - which reminds me, I owe her a letter - better go and write that now and send her a copy of this Blip.  Thanks for all the wonderful memories, Sue - you are, and will always be, my best friend - you know too much about me!!

“When they finished laughing 
     they were on their way to being 
          not just friends, 
but the dearest of friends, 
     the sort of friends whose lives 
          are shaped by the friendship.” 
Robin McKinley : Spindle's End

P.S.  Thank you for all your kind comments, stars and hearts for yesterday’s Blip.  I am sorry I didn’t respond - I was not in a good place - but today is a new day and I am feeling much better. 

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