We had a great service at Church this morning, despite the fact that most of the musicians are on holiday, but as we were using YouTube songs, it meant that I didn’t need to be at the front singing, so I could sit with Mr. HCB, which I don’t do very often and very nice it was too.

I must admit that I did find parts of the service quite difficult, it being Father’s Day today,  particularly as I do not have happy memories of either my real father or my step-father, but I know there were others who felt the same.  However, I am grateful that Mr. HCB has been a good and loving father to our two sons and I am also grateful to those who have been a “father figure” to me, when I needed one, including my lovely Father-in-law.  

I am even more grateful that God is and has been a Good, Good Father to me and to all those who have not had the influence of one in their lives and I am not ashamed to admit that my faith has been very important in my life, since I became a Christian at the age of ten.

As usual we went out after Church to look for dereliction and found several places off the beaten track.  We eventually found this yard and Mr. HCB reckons that this extending ladder was probably on top of an old fire engine in its previous life, although it doesn’t look as if it has seen service for a good many years.

“A good father is
     one of the most unsung,
          upraised, unnoticed,
and yet one of the
     most valuable assets
          in our society.”
Billy Graham

P.S.  I am eggstremely grateful to everyone who visited yesterday, left a comment and gave me a star and heart, which pushed the Egg family on to Page 1 of the Popular Page - there may be others in this extended family - so watch this space!

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