When the crowds have gone

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Woolacombe beach is empty. Ok so it's a bit cold (freezing), a bit breezy (bloody force 9 gale), a bit on the damp side (torrential) but between all those elements it's beautiful! The camera decided to have a hissy fit & wouldn't let me lighten the exposure, plus it wouldn't let me change the "faithful" mode to "landscape" & due to my increasingly sleepless nights, my brain would not even connect to my camera & I couldn't work out the settings.... but adding both malfunctions together, it actually turned into quite a good, if different set of photos. You'll probably look at this shot & wonder what on earth I see differently, but I do, I see sharp detail in the waves, a definition in colour, light & contrasts... or maybe all of this is entirely in my head & I'm seeing things that aren't there??? Wouldn't be for the first time! ;)

As for you know who:

A word from Larry

So yeah, I don't sleep, & when I do, it's fitful. Although had a lovely day today with good friends & to be by the sea is always a bonus! So maybe fresh salt air will do me good & knock me out tonight? :) xxx

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