Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Seize the day

- Carpe diem
Common poppy - Papaver rhoeas
Cornflower - Centaurea cyanus
That's enough Latin: Ed

I was saving this view of Barton Farm's poppies for last week's WidWed, as the subject was colour, but it wasn't that sort of day so in the end I decided to use it for this week's WidWed, subject, light.  However, I'm not sure the light's going to be that good for Wed looking at the forecast.  What a lot of faffing for nothing.  So this morning I just went for it!  Definitely right decision.  I had the place to myself.  Especially good as it needed a little subtle shape-changing to get through the fence!

If you notice, there is one large cornflower plant (right of shot).  It's the only one in the whole acreage of poppies.  Oh, and if you think the far field is blushing slightly up on the left, it is - there are poppies there too inbetween the self-seeded barley.

You'll see I've tagged this for the wildflower challenge (#WFW02 until Sunday).  I've been knocked out by the standard of entries for week one.  And I wanted to say - which I'm sure most of you know - you don't have to limit entries to single flowers, or even single species.  A riot or field of wildflowers is just as welcome.

Enjoy your evening  xx

A list of my blipped 2018 wildflowers to date:

Gorse (or furze);  Wild daffodils
Coltsfoot;  Primroses;  Blackthorn
Greater periwinkle;  Goat willow;  Ground ivy;  Cowslips;  Daisy;
Common field speedwell;  Wood anemone;  Greater celandine
Cuckoo flower (or lady’s smock);  Yellow archangel;  Common dog violet;
Crab apple;  Bluebell;  Red clover;  Germander speedwell;
Three-cornered leek;  Hawthorn;  Yellow flag; dandelion;  Common vetch; Dog rose;  Green alkanet;
Bramble;  Stinking iris;  dropwort;  meadow buttercup; sweet briar;  red campion;  Butterfly orchid;  poppies;

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