Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Blending in

An extraordinarily difficult and frustrating day when you're desperate to blend in with the rest of the world and fix the little glitches one by one - with patience - but instead every step makes things worse and you hear the tone of your voice steadily rising an octave.  However, I think I've finally won and can relax.  Hooray!

I saw this little fella just down from the house sheltering from the rain under a tree, but only because I chose to shelter under the same one.  Otherwise I'd have walked straight past, his camouflage was so good.  I don't know who was more gob-smacked by our proximity, him or me, and he did that wonderful thing of freezing in the hope I wouldn't see him.  Cue camera.

Now for the big relax and your lovely lovely images.  Have a good one  xx

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