Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Water Lane - and WFW19_10 Results

Today's WidWed is on the subject of water/sea/river. etc, so this morning for my walk I followed one branch of the river through town from one side to the other. 

Water Lane is one of the lowest parts of town and, as the name suggests, has been very prone to flooding.  Recently work's been done on this, and today I discovered that what was grass on the bank has now been sown with wildflowers.  Whether this is anything to do with keeping residents on side, or just to save on grass cutting, I don't know, but it gave me a wonderful feeling that in a tiny city like Winchester you could do so much rewilding.  And how lovely it would be.

The flowers here are corn cockles, an ox-eye daisy, sorrel and nettle.  There are also poppies, etc, which I might go back for another day.  Oh and there were lots of bees.

So I hope this is watery enough for WidWed.  And many thanks to Freyjad for hosting today.

Have a happy evening  xx

Results for WFW19.10 are as follows:
HEARTS, in no particular order, go to
and Honourable Mentions to

And my thanks to you all.  It was a particularly difficult week to make choices about, there were a few more entries than usual and the standard just gets better and better

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