Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Blipping on the bus

Today it was me who landed up walking Hazel - well, I offered to.  I like taking her into town on the bus, then walking south along the river where she gets a really good run.

This was actually taken on the bus on the way home.  If I can I get her onto the raised floor between the front seat and the back of the driver's cab as it's a completely discrete section where she can't upset old ladies by sniffing their ankles and little boys can't shove their faces into hers.  As you can see from the look she's giving me, she'd rather be standing in the middle of the bus checking everything out, but bad luck, Hazel  ;))

This afternoon I've spent time working on images for the camera club handbook.  And looking out of the window wondering when I'm ever going to get the time to cut the now very long very green grass!

Many thanks to Nickimags888 for stepping in to host today's MM while Laurie54 is in hospital, today's subject being 'Section'.  And have a great evening, all  xx

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