Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Life on the street

Today I swung by the High street on my walk to get one of life's essentials which I'd managed to forget yesterday (well honestly, it's bad enough not being able to get a haircut, but managing without hair conditioner as well - oh nooooo!).  And I have to say it felt fabulous seeing the city coming back to life and to feel able to blip people!.  The buskers today were performing by the Buttercross, where they belong, and very good they were too.  Plus a lot of folks were standing around in the sun getting takeaway coffees and chatting.

So there we are.  I didn't kickstart the economy, that's for another day (next year, maybe?  No, okay, maybe not), but I did spend 3 hours on written stuff and I think J's stopping by to drop off the garden equipment I lent him, so what with that and the mundane things of life it's seemed a busy day.

Finally, I'm afraid that though I will be visiting all your journals, commenting will be rather sparse tonight - my back's given up on me a bit ;((  But enjoy your evening, lovely blippers  xx

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