Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Green and wet

It has rained all day, almost without let up - the first proper rain we've had since before lockdown.  You can see trees and shrubs breathing a huge sigh of relief and the grass has greened visibly through the day. 

Hazel and I had a short walk round the green this morning and that's where this nut came from.  Quite a scattering had dropped from the walnut trees.  Cutting it with a kitchen knife was easy and there was a surprising amount of liquid inside.  This is stage at which you'd pickle them.  The different colours are beautiful, aren't they?  Though that strange shape in the centre is almost a little sinister..

Not wishing to be directly political but (speaking as a professional and only saying) a certain D Raab is an absolute PR disaster, isn't he?  Makes you wonder where he's had his head stuffed the last weeks and months.  Our 'leaders', I despair!

Now listening to some gorgeous music with nothing ahead of me but a little cooking, a lot of reading, a large pot of tea and your blips to look at.  Bliss!

Have a peaceful and happy evening  xx

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