Brexit's Anthem

I walked to Shottery this afternoon and popped into Anne Hathaway's Cottage.   My pass had expired but for less than £12 I bought another annual pass, well worth it for such a local attraction. As usual I took lots of photos with half an eye out for a suitable candidate for today's Mono Monday hosted by Laurie, the theme being Square.  As I was leaving the Shakespeare themed sculpture park (not a fun fair, a very peaceful arboretum) I noticed this square stone to one side against the hedge.  I remember the famous speech by John of Gaunt from when we saw David Tennant in Richard II, it is very dramatic, if somewhat idealised, a bit like the expectations of the Brexiters.

I did notice another square too, a window in one of the outbuildings, its not very clear but showing through the glass is a bat, a cobweb and a scythe, preparations for Halloween perhaps?  Anyway I've added it as an extra. Two for the price of one!

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