It's a WRAP

I went to the WRAP (Warwickshire Reminiscence Action Project) office today for a more formal interview than the general chat I had with the current treasurer last week. It was quite formal, a single seat on one side of a long table facing a panel of trustees. Considering I was offering my services as a volunteer and not applying for a job I thought it a bit over the top.

Anyway we had a talk and I answered questions and they seemed satisfied I could take over from the current treasurer. Then came the sting in the tail..."oh yes and if you wouldn't mind filling in these application forms plus a DBS" (used to be known as a CRB check), all my misdemeanours over the last sixty odd years will be discovered!

As in paid employment the application form requires education and work history plus training undertaken, all for giving four hours of my time once a week!

The picture is of the DBS form. I like section D which says 'do not complete' and is filled in on lines 50-54 with 'do not use'.

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