By Veronica

Chilling out

A busy day of dealing with bureaucracy (reason to be revealed later). After doing the rounds in Lézignan accumulating paperwork,  I had just time to sit down for a cheeky glass of rosé at the Conti before my French book group meeting. We discussed Les Vivants et les Morts, a book about which three of the four of us at the meeting were less than enthusiastic. And the person who chose it hadn't turned up. So the meeting didn't last long, and we agreed we would institute an explicit rule that if you suggest a book, you have to show up and say why.

Back home, then quickly out to pick up S from Lagrasse. It was kind of late by now -- nearly 8 pm --  so we decided to treat ourselves to dinner out, at Les Calicots in Fabrezan. One of my missions in Lézignan was to deposit the proceeds of my small change collection in the bank. For the last 18 months, I've been putting any change I find around the house (most of it falling out of S's pockets) in a box in the bedroom. This produced the tidy sum of 156 euros ... the lady at the bank was rather horrified at my carrier bag full of small change, and decided to trust me rather than count it all. I've decided to use it to pay for nice dinners, so this was the first of several.

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