By Veronica


... is sprung. Clouds of butterflies as we walked down to the garden for a lunchtime barbecue. Most of them marbled whites, a few gatekeepers, small tortoiseshells, a lone swallowtail, and this clouded yellow (editor's note: I didn't know the names of any of these butterflies till I joined Blipfoto).

This tranquility is a welcome balm for the soul. I am raging about what's happening in the USA, but I don't know what I can do. It's fascism, pure and simple. And yet Trump's supporters see no wrong in it.

"We do not know where the road we are on ends. Perhaps this time it would never reach the levels of horror that millions lived through in the last century. But the only way we can make absolutely sure of that is to stop walking that road at all – to call out what we see, to not let exhaustion blind us to horror, and to make sure we learn the lessons from history. We need to keep our eyes wide open."
James Ball in the New Statesman

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