Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

Web master

And not the internet kind of webmaster!     A spider has to be the greatest designer in nature (along with bees) as the web has all the little boxes that might be squares!    And the zigzag is so perfect!  

Our yard is grown up with dandelions which is okay with is way too hot to even think about cutting the grass.   My yard flowers were all drooping and needing water.   They did perk up after I watered them yesterday after we arrived back home and then again this morning before the heat became so intense.    It is so very hot and will be all this week..highs in the upper 90s with high humidity.   I am staying inside as much as possible!   

Still nursing the cold I have had for almost 2 weeks.  Now that I am in my own space, maybe I can get better.     It is really strange that I have not had a cold for over 10 years and then get the flu in January and a summer cold.   I think I might need to look into boosting my immune system.   Old age is creeping up on me!!  

Thanks for all the comments and stars on my blips for the last week. I was hoping to get some commenting done but my number two son has asked if I can help them to paint the walls at their old home so they can get it on the market.  They both work, have been unpacking at the new home and then trying to get back to the old place to finish up the work so painting is taking a long time. Tomorrow I am going over to see what I can get done.   Plus, there is a pool at the former home..I might have a swim to cool off from painting!   

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