I'm giving you more excuses not to swim in the sea. This little cangrejo was right there on the beach with all the people. It was very quick and I could only verify if it was a crab from the picture. But it moved very differently that if it had been plant of some sort, so I had strong suspicion it might be the real thing.

Nights are getting hotter too. Last night was the first I had without duvet. I did just fine. All day long the body preserves liquids and all night long the liquid wants to come out. I'm very tired. So I was last summer. I'm hoping this summer I climatize better. I really need my sleep.

Today we had our 3rd and 4th visits from the technicians about the TV. As it went missing 2 weeks ago after we had had it for 2 weeks. Today we got it back. Watching football at the moment. Don't really care for it, but it's nice to have TV. Plus I'm sorting my daily pictures at the same time.

I've been hand dyeing today. But I'm too tired to wash the fabrics today, so I think I'll let them lie in the dye until tomorrow. I don't think it matters much. I'll deal with them later.

One of our Danish neighbors left home early this morning. They'll be back late August. Welsh ladies will be back at mid August. Our Swedish neighbors left a month ago and the other Swedish family are relocating back to Sweden in about a week. Interesting to see if we get to know any more neighbors as the summer progresses. Almost all the houses in our row will have people staying at some point. Hopefully we'll meet  more nice people during the summer.

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