If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

30 Days Wild Day 19 - Juvenile Jackdaw

A busy day loomed.  I needed to be down near Wigan for an afternoon meeting.  This meant leaving at 10:30 to be there for lunch.  I also knew the best of the day would be over by the time I got back.  So I went with Clickychick for an early morning wander round the estate.

Among thew things which caught my eye was a number of recently fledged Jackdaws (Coloeus monedula) in the trees.  A parent flew off as we approached but the young as yet haven't grown very wary.  I liked this shot so that's the blip.

I arrived home about 5:00  and within minutes i looked out of the window and saw a pair of Bullfinches gathering seed from the "Geranium" (Cranesbill).  For our garden a very rare sight, perhaps once a year.  I grabbed a few shots but unfortunately none were of suitable quality.  The it started to rain - I knew the best of the day would be over before I had chance for more shots.

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