If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

30 Days Wild Day 20 - Pied Wagtail

The day started wet, but by mid morning had faired up.  Knowing we were going with Kanyl to the garden centre which doesn't allow photography I had a walk along the bank of a stream which runs through the village.  Took a number of shots and was happy i would have a blip.

So off we went to Carlisle, I took the camera "just in case".  Before we went into the garden centre we had a walk down by the pond.  They don't object to photos down there.  The swan has cygnets although I am a bit concerned on our last two visits "Dad" hasn't been in evidence.  I was also looking for the two large Terrapins Kanyl spotted in April 2016 - no sign.

As we were putting the cameras back in the car to drive nearer the centre (for the benefit of Kanyl's dickie legs) I noticed a Pied Wagtail flitting about.  Ah  a blip I thought!  Just then it "dived" into a puddle and proceeded to have a good bath.  I decided this shot was better than the ones you could barely tell was a bird as it had its head and much of the body under water.

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