Chatting in the sun

As I said yesterday I've got the day off work as we are going up to Castleford this afternoon to watch Wigan play this evening . A lovely sunny day so decided to take a walk into town this morning and soak up some sun. 
I took a few shot and while walking past the Brayford I spotted this couple next to the river and decided to grab a shot as I really liked the setting with the university the green trees blue sky and them making it a rather picturesque shot.
Blip sorted I dont need to worry about getting any shots tonight at the rugby as I have blipped the ground a few times. fingers crossed we can get a result but with 3 players on international duty and injures to other players it will be a difficult task but fingers crossed.
Hope you all have a good weekend and you get to enjoy the lovely sunny weather, happy snapping to you all 

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