Follow my leader

There was time for a last wander to Regatta and to the shore this morning, which resulted in me being über-maudlin', even a bit teary. We sat for a while enjoying coffee and korvapuusti, which I more or less managed to order in Finnish, and admiring the size of the view. We also watched a grebe fishing - successfully as it happens. Finally, we went for one last look across the marina and saw lots of geese playing follow my leader. It is a beautiful day to mark our departure, whereas yesterday was windy, rainy and cold, and not really conducive to enjoying the Midsummer festival in the traditional way. Funny how a place can get under your skin in a relatively short time. Goodness me, I'm going to miss Finland.

The last few days have been a bit weary-making. Once I get to a certain distance out from a set of big events, I just want them to happen and then normality to return asap. I hate that last bit of waiting. I don't find the anticipation constructive. Last night I have vivid dreams, but no recollection of what they were when I awoke.

Quite a lot of final packing this morning. It's a good job we had an emergency run to Stockmann yesterday to get a new bag for me. Every cubic inch it provided has been stuffed with things. I guess we must have acquired quite a lot of bits and pieces whilst here, as we had already taken our winter clothes home in May. Hmm. Anyway, slightly more heavily laden for the next stage of travel - which involves first going east - than is optimal, although I guess we will cope.

We've decided to do the last bit of waiting for the flight in the lounge. Quieter and more comfortable than the alternatives (given we had to check out before midday), and given the price of anything in Helsinki airport, worth it financially (as we are only paying for Mr A).

Bye bye Finland. I really will miss you, and I hope to see you again occasionally - at least - in the future.

The final Finland album on flickr is here.

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