By Jaxter46


After the snow of last night it was frozen solid this morning making it difficult to walk on and the cars in need of a good scrape. Managed to get out from where I live and made it into work. The main roads were clear.

I picked up the works car and headed out to pick up one of the ladies I support and take her into work, the further towards Mold I went the more snow there was and the branches of the trees looked very pretty.

After I dropped her off I took the back road it was ungritted, the car drove through it no problem but there was bogged down lorry, luckily he managed to get out and on his way so while I was waiting I took this. Wish I'd had the day off like Mike did as he was unable to get to his work as the roads were impassable, he took today's blip at Loggerheads which I quite liked.

A really cold day with a few snow flurries, it's due to freeze hard tonight.

On the way home after taking another shot of somemore gates, I stopped off to buy cat food at a little shop in Halkyn.

There was a group of young lads throwing snowballs at cars and having a whale of a time, I was just leaving the shop when I heard the screech of brakes, a car had slammed on a little down the road, I thought there had been an accident. As I walked out I saw the driver of the car striding towards the lads, he grabbed one lad really roughly around the neck and really shoved and shook him while gobbing off something or other which I couldn't hear. I got in the car and while watching got the camera and took photo's of the car to get the registration number.

This bloke was about 30ish and was really going off on the lads, next thing he grabbed one lad and head butted him before going to his car and speeding off. You'd have thought someone his age would have had more restriant.

The lads crossed over the road to where I was and I asked if they were ok, the lads nose was bleeding, he said he was ok and that he didn't need any medical help, I told him he needed to report this to the pollice and that I would do the same. They seemed like a decent bunch of youngsters and were pleased that I'd got the registration number.

I went to the local cop shop and typically there was no one there so I picked up the outside phone and reported the incident. A bobby has just rang me now to arrange for me to go and give a statement tomorrow as the parents of the boy want to prosecute.

I know what the kids were doing was potentially dangerous but it certainly did not warrent this appauling behaviour by someone who should have known better.

I'll keep you posted.

Been a bit poor on commenting of late, sorry so will try and catch up a bit tonight

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